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Solar & Crank Radio Flashlight Cellphone Charger

Solar & Crank Radio Flashlight Cellphone Charger

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This one-of-a-kind Crank and Solar powered Flashlight/Radio/Cellphone Charger is incredibly handy to have in an emergency. The portable, lightweight design and battery-free function make this a must as a survival item. The unit comes with a lithium battery which holds a 90-minute charge. It also takes AAA batteries if you choose.

Functions:                            Four Charging Options:

1) Radio                                           1) Solar

2) Flashlight                                   2) Crank

3) Cell Phone Charger                 3) USB

4) Siren                                        4) 3 AAA batteries (not included)

5) Flashing Beacon

6) Shortwave Radio


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More About This Product

• Internal rechargeable battery can be powered using the hand crank, no disposable batteries required
• Solar panel allows for additional charging.
• Can also be powered with alkaline batteries (3 AAA) not included.
• AM/FM/SW1/SW2 radio with retractable antenna for staying tuned to emergency broadcasts on standard radio or shortwave.
• Siren feature allows you to be heard from a distance.
• Red LED flashing beacon
• USB and earphone jack (D3,5mm)
• Wrist strap attachment

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