Join Our Local Fundraising Program!

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We are going back to our roots and helping our local community thrive!

Team up with for a easy as 1, 2, 3, fundraising option. Currently running through our Nanaimo BC retail location! Gone are the days of old-school fundraising, no more going door to door or collecting paper order forms.


That's right, our new program makes it as easy as ever to host a truly no contact fundraiser! ALL YOUR SUPPORTERS NEED TO DO IS STOP BY THE STORE AND SHOP FOR ALL OF THEIR EMERGENCY SUPPLIES NEEDS. ITS THAT SIMPLE!

We have all tried selling chocolates, trinkets and unwanted products. Well no more! Start today and promote emergency preparedness in your community. Everyone knows they need to be prepared for emergencies and they want to support your group or school, so we are seeing huge success for the schools running these fundraisers.

  • 1) Shop In Store

    After filling out the form and confirming your dates, your supporters stop by our store and shop for any First Aid Kits, Emergency Kits, Outdoor Survival Supplies they need.

  • 2) Mention Your Organization

    For your supporters purchase to count towards your fundrasier, they simply let our staff know and will make a note during checkout. They leave with their items, making it easy for everyone involved.

  • 3) Receive Your Funds

    When your fundraiser period has ended, we will send you a breakdown and you receive 20% of every dollar spent on orders placed that mention your organization.

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Yes, fundraising is really that easy!

By fundraising with GetMyKit, we have seen schools easily raise thousands of dollars in such a short period of time with minimal work to do. We recommend running the fundraiser for 7-14 days to create urgency. This is a proven way to make your fundraiser the most successful.

Breath new life into your fundraising efforts by using products people actually need and promoting emergency preparedness within your community!

Fill out our no commitment inquiry form, and one of our Fundraising coordinators will reach out to you during regular business hours.