Do You Have A Plan In Case Of An Emergency?

Currently, we are seeing more and more natural disasters and emergencies around the country. With all the wildfires, floods, tornadoes and earthquakes there couldn’t be a better time to educate yourself and get emergency prepared. Careful planning and supplies are key to one’s safety and survival. Are you prepared?

At we believe that being Emergency Prepared is essentially a 2-step process:

  1. Creating a Plan
  2. Getting an Emergency Kit

We Offer Free Emergency Preparedness Workshops

We can help your community with both steps in this process. GetMyKit offers FREE Emergency Preparedness workshops to various organizations, clubs and groups to help you become more emergency prepared. When you decide to book an event with us, you are taking an important step in ensuring each member of your community can become educated and prepared.

At These Seminar-Style Events, We Cover The Following:

  1. Things to prepare for
  2. Planning for emergencies
  3. How to create an emergency plan
  4. Evacuation & Response
  5. Provincial recommendations for your emergency kit
  6. Emergency kit demonstration

Leave The Workshop With A Preparedness Plan

At our event, we will hand out FREE Preparedness Plans and our self-evaluation for personal preparedness survey. Our workshop events can also be customized to suit your organizations’ needs.

Alternatively, if you already have an existing event or gathering planned and would like to be onsite demonstrating the Emergency Kits and speaking to people in a one-on-one ‘kiosk-style presence, we would be happy to accommodate this.

Get in touch to see if you qualify for a FREE Workshop!

Please Note: To Qualify For A Free Emergency Preparedness Workshop, 10 Or More People Are Required To Be Present