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GetMyKit has the solution to all your fundraising needs. We have all tried selling chocolates, trinkets and unwanted products. GetMyKit is introducing FUNDRAISING 3.0 – your Fundraiser of the Year! Finally, products that people need and are interested in purchasing. First aid kits and survival gear also make the perfect gift, therefore making this the perfect fundraiser. They virtually sell themselves!

How Does It Work?

Once you decide to move forward with the “Contactless Safety Fundraiser”, submit a no-commitment inquiry form below, to be put in touch with someone on our team.

Then we set your group up with a customized coupon code. and create a custom flyer for you to send out to the student’s parents or potential supporters.

The customized flyer will include your school logo and or your group name as well as your custom coupon code.

How Do You Have A Successful Fundraiser?

You can start promoting right away through your email lists and social media platforms. With the custom flyer we create for you, you can send out an email to all your potential buyers and supporters of your school or group.

We recommend running the fundraiser for 7-10 days to create urgency. This is a proven way to make your fundraiser the most successful.

What Products Are Included?

Every product available in our online shop is eligible when placing an order with a Fundraising coupon code. We know everyone has different needs, so this makes it easier for everyone to participate in supporting your cause! From a safety hammer to a emergency kit for the whole family, it all makes a difference!

The Breakdown?

  • Your fundraising customers receive 5% off their order by using your organization’s custom code.
  •  Your school, organization or group gets 20% of the sales generated with your custom code.
  • Get Started Today!

    You can get started fundraising with our Contactless Fundraiser very quickly. Simply fill out the fundraising form below and our team will get in touch with you within the next business day. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time by calling us at 1-888-673-1222. 

    For more information about our Contactless Fundraiser, please fill out the form below. Once we receive your information, one of our fundraising specialists will contact you right away.

  • Fundraise In 5 Easy Steps!

    1. Submit your application.

    2. Our team sets up your custom online coupon.

    3. Our team sends you your customized flyer.

    4. Start promoting your fundraiser right away.

    5. We ship it out the orders from your fundraiser and send you your commission.

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Our team looks forward to helping you reach your fundraising goals and to promote emergency preparedness within your community.

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Yes, Our Program Is Really That Easy!

By fundraising with GetMyKit, we have seen schools easily raise thousands of dollars in such a short period of time with minimal work to do. We look forward to helping you reach your fundraising goals!

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