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Delivery - How long will it take to receive my kit?

5-7 business days, right to your door via Canada Post

Shelf Life - What is the life or how long do the kits last?

The food and water have a 5 year shelf life.

Storing Kits - Where’s the best place to store my kit?

Store by your most used exit in your home, behind the door.  No closets.  You want the kit visible and accessible in the event a door gets jammed in place.

Preparedness - Do I need anything else to get prepared?

  • Yes.  While our kits are made to government recommended standards of 72 hours independence to provide you with shelter, heat, food and water for 3 days, experts agree that being prepared for 1-3 weeks is best.
  • Please download the Preparedness Guide at the bottom of the home page.  This guide outlines all the steps to preparing your home.  You can also check out your governments preparedness recommendations on the government website.

Manufacturing - Where are the kits made?

Our kits are compiled right here on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Contact - How do I contact you?

You can reach us at info@GetMyKit.ca anytime.  We will respond within 48 hrs.  You can also reach us by phone at (250) 821-1222, M-F, 9am-3pm.

Extra Supplies - Can I get my supplies?

Yes please visit the Additions page where we have additional items you may want to add to your kit.

Gluten Free (GF) - Are there Gluten Free options?

We are in the process of finding options for our Gluten Free customers.  Check with your doctor for options best suited to your needs.

Fur Baby (Pets) -What about our Fur Baby or Babies?

We have a Deluxe Pet Kit that provides instructions for basic pet first aid and the basic first aid items you may need.  Treat your pet as an individual in the home and ensure you are allowing for their water and food requirements.

Medication - I have a medical condition, how do I prepare?

Check with your doctor for your requirements.  We also recommend you put 5 days worth of medications in your kit and as you refill prescriptions, replace the 5 day medication in the kit with the refill medication.   This way you’ll never end up with expired medications.

Disabled - I live with or am a caregiver for a disabled person. How do I prepare for them?

Ask your doctor for the best source of information and assistance on preparation for your particular needs and requirements.

Babies / Infants - We’re expecting or have an infant(s) in our home. What now?

We suggest you have an additional bag for baby needs.  Ensure you have extra – formula, diapers, clothing, medications, ointments, wipes, sanitation for baby.

School – My kids are in school all day. What should they have?

Check with your school for their preparedness plans.  We suggest having a small pack with food, water, shelter at a minimum.  Our 1 person Basic kits would be perfect for each child.

Vehicle – I travel the roads all day. What should I have in my car?

Some safety signalling, food, water and safety tools.  Our Vehicle Kit is an economical solution for your car.

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